Putting on a musical in your classroom has never been this easy! Our materials are integrated with core standards in all subjects and vetted by teachers like you.



Our music is catchy and fun. You WILL get these songs stuck in your head.



Download the tracks and listen on the go. The whole family will be singing along, and everyone will probably learning something new, too!



Music Explorers helps you build relationships with your community through performances, increase test scores through integrated learning, and dramatically improve student engagement.

Music Explorers brings the core curriculum to your students through song, dance, and fun! We write educational music and musicals for children to perform. Elementary school teachers, music and drama specialists, community theater directors, arts camp coaches, parents, administrators, and kids all agree- MusicExplorers makes learning fun!

Music Explorers

Check out this great overview of our shows, edited by a crack team of passionate MusicExplorers interns.